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Confident Believer Course

Building A Solid Foundation - "I Know I'm A Christian, But I Want To Build A Solid Foundation Of My Beliefs And Understanding

Being confident about your faith is amazing! To know that your sins are forgiven and that you are truly following Jesus Christ. A lot of sincere Christians have never had the opportunity to really verify their faith—to make sure that they are God’s children,

fully understanding the basic teachings of His Word, the Bible.

The apostle Paul urged, “Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. Test yourselves.” (2 Corinthians 13:5a, NLT). And this is what the Confident Believer Course does! It helps a believer verify his faith and make sure he is headed in the right direction. Consider signing up for these interactive sessions. If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call! Here are the classes covered:


  • Theology of the Trinity (His Character and Attributes): Who is God? Does He have a personality or is He more like the
  • Life Force of the universe? What makes Him angry, happy, or sad? Why does He act different in different parts of the Bible?
  • The Person & Work of Jesus: What does the Bible really say about Jesus? Who was he? What did he do? What was his purpose? What did he actually accomplish by dying on the cross?
  • Evangelism: Learn how to share your faith and explain the good news about Jesus clearly and simply.
  • Biblical History & Geography: You cannot fully understand the Bible without knowing the basic Geography: The countries, cities, mountains and rivers. You also need to know the basic Historical & cultural background: for example, why did Jonah hate the Ninevites?
  • Intro to the Bible (& Old Testament Survey): What is the Bible? How did we get it? And what is the Old Testament all about—is it even relevant for Christians today?
  • New Testament Survey: A basic understanding of the New Testament “Big Picture.” What is it, and how does it all fit together?
  • Salvation, Sanctification, and Growth: Obedience and Personal Righteousness don’t come easily. And even if you attain them,
  • they could lead you into the treacherous sea of pride and hypocrisy. How do we navigate these waters?
  • The Importance of the Church (& Christian Interaction): God’s plan is not for Christians to live and grow as individuals, but corporately—as part of a church body. But a body made of sinners will always be riddled with difficulties.
  • This class will show how to deal with these difficulties and the importance and benefits of working through them.
  • Developing a Biblical Worldview: Learn how to think and see the world through the lens of Scripture and Truth.
  • Reliable Believer Course

    Getting Equipped for Ministry - "I am a Christian who desires to have answers and to be someone who can help others in their faith.

    Followers of Jesus Christ are supposed to grow and mature. Just as we expect children to advance to adulthood to become contributors in society, so also the Lord intends that His followers eventually become leaders, teachers, and contributors in the gospel ministry.

    Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” was the command of the apostle Peter (2 Peter 3:18a). And this is what the Reliable Believer Track endeavors to help you with—growing to become one who gives back, can be depended on, and is ready to give an answer to those who ask about the hope you have in this life.

    Take a look at these course that go beyond the basics and help you reach maturity and reliability as a believer. If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call!


  • How to accurately Study and Interpret the Bible: You can’t rely on preachers and commentators all your life.
  • Eventually, you must learn how to study the Bible on your own, and more importantly, how can you be confident

    that you’ve interpreted it correctly.

  • The Book of John: Many Christians are very familiar with the book of John. But what is the big picture and major themes of John? How do all the stories fit together?
  • Understanding Paul’s Letters: Paul’s letters are fundamental to Christian growth and maturity, but too many Christians read them as simply a list of moral do’s and dont’s. But Paul’s letters have layers of rich meaning which Christians must learn how to uncover.
  • How to handle sensitive issues as a MATURE Christian (LGBT, Cults, Politics, Legalism, Bible translations, Theological differences): It’s easy to get angry or make others angry, but through wisdom and humility, disagreements and differences can be friendly and even fun to discuss.
  • Psalms: The Book of Psalms is not a hodgepodge of unrelated poems, they are carefully organized and arranged
  • to reveal overarching themes and rich truths about Life and God.
  • Eschatology (End Times): God has chosen to reveal some facts about how the story of humanity is going to end.
  • We need to know the ending and how to live in light of it.


  • Church History: How did we get from Jesus’ Apostles to Christianity today?
  • How to have a vibrant prayer life: Many Christians stop growing at some point, they stay where they are
  • instead of hungering to grow closer to God and make their communication with Him deep, rich, and exciting.
  • How to disciple (individual) & How to teach (class): Learn how to equip a disciple for their own Christian walk and service. And learn how to prepare and present lessons to a group.
  • Additional Information

    The cost of each class is a $10-15 book fee. For more information or to register contact Jacob or Cate Frantz @, Phone: 717.823.0404